The Soča has its source deep in the Julian Alps, sourrounded by the beautiful Triglav National Park. In the vicinity of Bovec we will set up our camp, depending on the favored camping or holiday home. From this Base we will run three beutiful River Sections. You can take a closer look at these sections with description given in the following itinerary under these links (in german):

  • [Soča] (
  • [Koritnica] (

Tour history

  • Day 0 (arrival): We meet at an agreed meeting point near Bovec in the evening to get to know each other, it is also possible to arrive on the morning of the first day of the tour.
  • Day 1: In the morning we run the very simple “housewife route” (WW 1-2), a very easy part of the Soča to learn how to use the rafts. After a lunch break we will run the “home route” (WW 2) and continue until the start of the housewife route, which we already did in the morning.
  • Day 2: In the morning we practice white water swimming at the third Soča Gorge and on the house route. After a lunch break, we will drive through the Koritnica Gorge (WW 2 -3+), a super beautiful, sportive section. Here you can improve your steering skills and will be really challenged for the first time!
  • Day 3: On the third day we run the section from Sprenica 1 to the slalom course. On this section there is the interesting “cemetery route” (WW 3+) (don't worry, the name comes from the many stones;). At the end of the cemetery route, the “slalom route” (WW 4) is ahead of us as a bonus. I will only offer this last slalom section as a final route for participants who have proven a safe and very good boat control in the previous days. In the evening on the third day the tour is officially over.

The tour takes place from 2 participants, a maximum of 8 participants can register.

Which requirements do you have to meet?

  • You are at least 16 years old * (under 18 accompanied or with the consent of the legal guardian) *
  • You can swim well
  • You have basic endurance and sportiness
  • Previous knowledge of rafting is not required!

What is included?

  • A professional guide
  • Wetsuits, neoprene socks, helmets, boats, paddles, life jackets
  • Pictures of your tour
  • The latest safety equipment and the highest safety standards
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in consultation (depending on comfort)
  • The tours mentioned in the tour description
  • Steering training, white water swimming, white water rescue techniques

What is not included?

  • Arrival and return trip (Here you may have the opportunity to get a ride with me (maximum 4 people), but we need at least a second car on site)
  • Catering (The tastes and quality requirements are often very different, we will try to cook and eat together, but everyone has the opportunity to get food according to their wishes)

What do you have to bring?

  • Sports shoes that can get wet (no sandals!)
  • Towels and dry laundry
  • Dry shoes for afterwards
  • If you don't want the neoprene directly on the skin, you can wear a shirt made of polyester or wool under the neoprene. Cotton is unsuitable, it cools you down when it gets wet.
  • Personal medication if necessary
  • If you wear glasses, it's best to use soft contact lenses!
  • Your own luggage


  • 360 euros per person + accommodation* (depending on comfort requirements from 70 euros for three nights) *

Book your Soca adventure!

Get in touch with me (via email, phone call, Whatsapp or SMS) to find out the best tour for you and to clarify the date. You will then receive the booking documents from me:

Looking forward to guide you! Julian