The demands od a canyoning brave tour are a bit higher, here you should bring a bit of experience, at least you should have been on a sportive tour before. If you did a sportive tour without having any problems regarding height or water the world of canyons is open to you! high abseils, adrenalin and magnificent canyons are waiting for you!

Characteristics of a brave Tour?

  • Duration of the whole Tour is about 4 - 10 hours.
  • There are only few or even no possibilities to leave the Tour before the end, so you should have some endurance.
  • Most abseils can´t be avoided, jumps usually can be avoided by abseiling.
  • The abseils can be high up to 80 m
  • Current can be pretty strong and you ave to swim activly sometimes (not a must, we can choose canyons without strong current)
  • A Guide/ Participant rate of maximum 1:6
  • Minimum number of Participants: 2

What are the requierements?

  • You have to be at least 16 years old (Kids under 18 years can go only with their parents or a signed permission of their parents)
  • You are a good swimmer
  • You are not afraid of heights
  • You have a good level of fitness
  • You already did canyoning before!

Where can I do a sportive Tour?

  • In Vorarlberg (e.g. Rudach & lower Kobelache)
  • In Tirol
  • Italian Alps (e.g. Lago di Garda)
  • French Alps
  • Other places are also possible, just ask me if there is possibility in the area you want to go

What is included?

  • A professional Guide, from 7 Participants upwards a second professional Guide.
  • Canyoning Wetsuite, Neoprene socks, Helmet, Harness with Safetyequipment, Ropes, Backpacks (if needed)
  • Preparation and follow up work (Pictures)
  • Pictures of your Tour
  • Modern safety Equipment and highest safety standards

What to bring?

  • Mountain or Sportshoes that can get wet (they will get wet!, No Sandals!)
  • Towel and dry clothes to change after the tour.
  • Dry shoes for afterwards.
  • if you want to wear sth. under your Wetsuite it should be wool or functional clothing, no cotton! Cotton makes you feel colder.
  • Personal stuff like medicaments
  • If you wear glasses best would be to bring contact lenses!


  • Depending the Tour, prices from 130 Euro per Person

Book your Canyoning adventure!

Get in touch with me (via email, phone call, Whatsapp or SMS) to find out the best tour for you and to clarify the date. You will then receive the booking documents from me:

Looking forward to guide you! Julian