Your Survival Adventure 2023: Survival Camp Croatia

Survival means surviving in the wilderness, defying the dangers of the environment, humans and animals and getting through! In today's civilized world, we've lost many skills simply because we don't need them long as everything works! I also usually cook my food on an electric stove. But through my travels I have often been in situations where I did not have this comfort. You have to light a fire to cook or to protect yourself from the cold. And that even in rain, storm and snow. On my survival courses I want to teach you all the skills that have always helped me surviving in the wilderness! This includes:

** Making a fire with and without tools + Material and equipment knowledge + Protection against the cold + Search for water and food in the wilderness + Knots and rope technique + Overcome obstacles such as chasms and rivers + Sleeping place construction with and without tools + Security from wild animals as well as defense in case of emergency + Safety from people**

At the moment the survival courses in Croatia are taking place at Ogulin, because I found the perfect environment there. The following courses are planned for 2023:

Survival Camp Croatia September 2023

Individually planned courses for closed groups are possible. The courses last 3 - 5 days and can also be booked on request for groups of 5 or more.