If you have any special requests regarding your Tour you can contact me and ask if it is possible to realize them. Some ideas:

  • You want me to guide you alone
  • You want to combine your Tour with a barbecue
  • You want to get some mor knowledge about Canyoning? Rope technique, Wildwater training, Learn how to cope with anxiety (regarding height, water)
  • Proposal of marriage on the rope/ in the canyon?

I am waiting for your ideas and I will try my best to make them become possible!

How much does this cost?

I can´t offer prices here as the price will depend on what you want! If I really like your idea, i will offer it the cheapest possible (Proposal would be cool ;)) If I think your Idea is somehow stupid and a lot of work for me (e.g. going the canyon upwards) it won´t be that cheap :D